Palestine Moving Towards Third Intifada

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An essay by Mohammad Irani, Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon and Jordan
Palestine Moving Towards Third Intifada

After the sacrilege of the Holy Mosque by Israeli rabbis and later its invasion by the armed forces of the Zionist regime, the Palestinians have shown their anger in defense of the first Qibla of the Muslims and clashed with Israeli opportunist elements. During the past few days, tens of Palestinians have been killed and wounded in this fight.

The reason behind the present internal situation of Palestine is that Netanyahu has believed in recent years that in order to execute the plan to occupy Palestine entirely, a historic opportunity is prepared and, due to the weak management of the Palestinian Authority, gradual measures could be taken towards this path. Netanyahu knows well that Mahmood Abbas has no card to play and that the Palestinian Authority is being destroyed from inside. The security forces of the Palestinian Authority have, for many years, had direct cooperation with Israel and Netanyahu knows well that these forces lack the ability to fight against Israel’s measures. Therefore, he has started these operations from Jerusalem to gain more complete control and cleanse the West Bank.

The best example of Netanyahu’s intention is the increasing number of Jewish settlements close to East Jerusalem to change the demography of this region and in the end the so-called legal control of the Holy Mosque. Since many years ago, Israel has made attempts to force the Palestinians who reside in East Jerusalem out of their homes and lands.

On the other hand, Netanyahu is taking advantage of the situation in the region. Israel is aware of the problems of the Arab world and the people in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt. Netanyahu knows that some Arab states do not even take a simple position against the measures taken by the occupiers, thus, he considers the existing official deal to his own benefit. The most important Arab states, meaning Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are standing alongside Israel instead of being concerned about the future of Palestine. Furthermore, Netanyahu is well aware of Hamas’ position and the soft and peaceful messages of this movement during recent months to reach an agreement and a sustainable cease-fire.

But Netanyahu forgets the point that when the people of Palestine lose their patience, they will pursue a path which is different from that of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, as they have done in the last two Intifadas. The idea of “what is taken by force and power will only return by force and power” is being institutionalized among the people of Palestine. Today’s fighting youth in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza are the children of the first and second Intifada generation who have lived under the worst security conditions and pressure and intimidation.

Today when there is no hope for the support of the Arab and Islamic states, the scene in Palestine needs internal unity more than ever before. It is also in need of a powerful and prudent leader who is able to gather all groups for the success of the third Intifada. Otherwise, the possibility of sustainability of the new movement and its failure would be low. The regime in Israel will certainly use the internal rifts to its own benefit.

Today, talking about a peaceful solution and compromise with the enemy under conditions when it has entered the scene with an iron approach and war weapons is useless. This opportunity must be used when the people have, once again, entered the scene to fight against the occupiers. They should not allow the flame of this fire to be extinguished, the fire which if continued will create serious concerns for Israelis.

The Gaza Strip has also joined this movement. The Palestinians of this region have been carrying this hatred and anger against the Zionists for many years. Despite their geographical separation, they have entered the fight against the Israeli forces and been martyred. These bitter sufferings will have important effects in the fight against the invaders of the Holy Mosque.

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