Israeli-Saudi Unity against Resistance Front

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An essay by Ghazanfar Roknabadi, Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon
Israeli-Saudi Unity against Resistance Front

The disclosure of secret meetings between two Saudi and Israeli officials wherein both parties have discussed what they have called “threats caused by Iran as a common enemy” indicates the Zionist regime’s intention to weaken the Resistance Front and the power of the Islamic countries. Each of the Arab and Islamic states has its own special capacities in the regional and international scenes of which Israel is well aware. It knows the high capacities and power of these countries and measures taken by these states since the establishment of the illegitimate Zionist regime. Israeli officials remember Saudi oil sanctions and rising oil prices after Israel’s war against the Arab states. Therefore, they make great efforts to, based on their doctrine, establish relations with surrounding countries of Occupied Palestine and then normalize Israeli-Arab relations. Then they will attempt to bring themselves out of isolation in the international scene with the help of big and powerful countries and certainly the type of relations between the Zionist regime and the US, Britain and other European countries are defined along this line.

The ideals of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and support for the oppressed against the oppressor cannot be accepted by certain oppressive countries of the region. This issue, alongside the continuous defeats of Israel and its allies in the regional and international scenes particularly after 1982, the pursuant wars and the 33-day resistance, has caused Zionist officials to reach the conclusion to use the differences in the world of Islam and between different religious sects and Takfiri terrorist groups to their own benefit. Thus, the country on which they should concentrate is Saudi Arabia. Israel is using the Takfiri movement, the base of which is Saudi Arabia, against the Resistance Front led and supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the opinion of the Zionist officials, the Resistance Front is a real threat. Although the Takfiri and terrorist groups and ISIS have always been supported by the Arab states and Israel knows that one day ISIS will be a threat against its security, they consider ISIS a potential threat and the Resistance Front a real threat. Thus, in order to bypass this stage, Israel uses the capacities and power of ISIS. This is while ISIS, which is aware of this situation, is using their financial and arms supports.

The other point is that, following the Islamic Awakening movement in 2011, cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia and other countries which share the same views has increased. They have made attempts to change the equations. Since 2011, their main objective and concentration was on Syria. But after four years, not only have they not succeeded in this regard and not only have Hamas and resistant Palestinian groups and the Islamic Jihad not been weakened, but, in 2012 and 2014, these groups taught a big lesson to Israel. Despite the new plan of Israel and Arab states for more cooperation and strengthening ISIS through financial and military supports, none of their objectives were achieved. On one hand, Syria is becoming stronger and more united. The Research Center of Maryland University has predicted that more than 70% of the people in Syria will vote for Bashar Assad. Another research center in Qatar has also stated that the majority of Syrians support the regime and Bashar Assad will gain the majority of votes.

In conclusion, despite all the efforts made in this regard and certain measures taken by Israel and some Arab states to slow down the trend of affairs in the Resistance Front, this front has continued its path with more power and they did not succeed in defeating Syria in the least amount of time as they wished.

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