Tel Aviv’s Objective: Complete Destruction of Hamas

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An essay by Nosratollah Tajik, an expert on international affairs
Tel Aviv’s Objective: Complete Destruction of Hamas

The ruling conditions in Gaza have turned into a catastrophe which would amaze any human being with any way of thinking, but unfortunately these crimes and the several hundreds of martyrs have been faced with international silence and no proper reactions in the entire world. This round of the Zionist regime’s attack against Gaza could be studied from different angles. Western analysts study this event from the angle of the balance of power in the region and Hamas’ need to be introduced as a new player after a period of isolation. They intentionally or unintentionally ignore the objectives of the Zionist regime and its achievements or sideline impacts which have caused the killing of the innocent people. The reason is that the human catastrophe which is happening in this region is so extensive that, if the western media easily ignore it due to the policies pursued by their heads and supporters, the free media of the world should have entered the scene and drawn a picture of the dreadful situation of the people of this region. They should not have allowed the Zionists to repeat their brutal acts after seven decades of massacre in the Palestinian villages. International organizations only suffice to give some ethical advice!

The over-reaction of the Zionists to the death of three Zionist youths, the details of which are not clear, while they consider the death of a Palestinian youth as a criminal act and not violence against the Palestinians, indicates the double standard of the West and the Zionist regime with regard to the problems of this region. Although the Zionists pursue such measures due to their fear of the liberating actions of the Palestinians and their consequences, the unconditional support of the US for this regime and linking the security of the Zionists to the national interests of the US has opened the hands of the Zionist regime in seeking any brutal policy and the intensification of the regional situation.

In this round of the Zionists’ invasion of Gaza, besides numerous air attacks including the missile attacks against Gaza which were launched every four minutes and the air strikes, Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Zionist regime, says that no international pressure could stop the continuation of these attacks against Gaza. This statement by itself shows the green light shown by the US. This is while the international community has been relatively silent and the Zionist regime attempts to destroy Gaza in order to break the resistance of the people. The following elements prevent the observance of fairness in this regard in the international relations: one is the strong and effective Zionist lobby among the US officials and two is the general objectives of this country in support of the Zionist regime in the establishment of their complete security and the free movement of cheap energy. On one side there is the oppressive and blood-thirsty Zionist regime and on the other side there are the oppressed but resistant people of Palestine.

The Zionist regime was very interested in establishing calm in the region and only observing the establishment of the American Sykes-Picot Agreement and disintegrating the countries of the region. But it could not tolerate the unity of the Palestinians and could not remain silent against these problems.

In order to compensate for this weakness, the Zionists usually pursue domination. Incidentally, the domination pursued by the Zionists was stopped when the fight became popular and the people stood by the Palestinian fighters and entered the political and social scenes. And now they have to pay for their fight while faced with international silence. None of the previous attacks launched by the Zionist regime against this area had led to the martyrdom of this number of children. I do not assume that the objective of the Zionist regime behind this futile and hasty measure was only to raise the spirit of the Zionist settlers. It seems that in order to face the new conditions of the region in the near future, this regime attempts to destroy the resistance of the people of Gaza and exert pressure on Hamas and eliminate it from the scene of Middle East equations so that the new American Sykes-Picot trend could begin.

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