Tel Aviv Concerned about Change of Balance in Syria

29 June 2014 | 14:04 Code : 1935050 Interview General category
An interview with Assadollah Athari, an expert on Middle Eastern affairs
Tel Aviv Concerned about Change of Balance in Syria

Last week Israel attacked the Golan region. Was this measure taken due to Israel’s fear that the Syrian army could threaten its interests?

No one knows what targets were hit by Israel and one cannot consider only the issue of the wounded Israeli soldiers or the presence of the radical forces as the basis for attacking Syria. One should study this issue in general. Israel is now under pressure; from Hezbollah, the security threats in the Golan region, the presence of the Daesh forces in Jordan and even from its own citizens. This attack shows that Israel is under pressure because of security issues.

Israel’s Minister of War considers Bashar Assad to be responsible for any attack from inside Syria. Now, if an attack is launched, is it, in fact, launched by the Syrian army or is it possible that it could be launched by the opposition forces so that Israel and the Syrian army would get engaged in a dispute and, thus, the power of the Syrian military forces would be reduced?

I agree with this analysis. Right now, several armed groups, including Daesh, the al-Nusra Front and the Free Army, are fighting against the Syrian army. On one hand, the legal responsibility is on the shoulders of the government. Of course, the radical opposition groups are fighting in Syria with Saudi money. It is obvious that Israel feels threatened by Syria, Lebanon and some other regions due to the presence of radical groups like Daesh.

To what extent is it possible that Israel would take advantage of the opportunity that has been created in Iraq and advance the project of the disintegration of the Middle East region?

This issue is related to the viewpoint of the international system and the disintegration of the region. Of course, this issue may involve Israel as well because, according to the Sykes-Picot Agreement, Israel will also be divided into two governments. But Israel follows any terrorist group which could threaten its security. Right now, Israel is watching the conflict between the Muslims in Iraq to see the destruction of the army, the substructures, and the economy of this country.

On one hand, the Obama administration attempts to establish peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel, and Israel seeks to make peace with the Arab world on the other. Then, why does Israel disrupt the peace process with the Arabs with such measures?

I think this is a joke. What could lead the Palestinians and the Israelis to reach peace while their supporters are engaged in domestic disputes? Syria and Iraq, as the supporters of the Palestinians, are involved in wars. Now how could Palestine gain concessions from Israel?

Is it possible that the Israeli army would intend to advance in Syrian territory?

Israel would not take such measures. In fact, it does not want to be faced with problems and challenges. Israel wants to watch the Muslims be occupied with their own affairs. At the same time, it wants the radical groups to fight among themselves instead of fighting against Israel. Israel intends to say that it is alert and will suffocate any movements. Of course, Israel does not intend to disrupt the balance of forces in Syria’s civil war because that would damage Israel’s security.

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