Netanyahu’s Nightmare: The World Welcomes Rohani

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An essay by Dr. Gholamali Khoshroo, a former Iranian deputy foreign minister, for Bahar newspaper
Netanyahu’s Nightmare: The World Welcomes Rohani

In an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation, Israel’s Prime Minister stated, “Rohani is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his policy is to smile and build a bomb. The world must not trust Hassan Rohani, the president-elect.”  He also considered any hope for change after the election of Hassan Rohani to be baseless and superficial. The efforts made by Israeli radicals and US neo-conservatives have always been aimed at creating a complete global consensus against Iran so that, by assembling and intensifying accusations such as support for terrorism and human rights violations and building nuclear weapons, they can introduce Iran as an immediate and horrible threat for the whole world and, by adopting paralyzing sanctions and then planning a total siege, prepare the ground for domestic collapse or, in the end, a military attack against Iran. Now that the people of Iran have widely participated in the presidential election and voted for a candidate whose basis of policies is the establishment of national reconciliation and strengthening interactions with the world, the dreams of the Israeli and American radicals to attack Iran have been transformed into a nightmare. They are disappointed and furious that the world and even Israel’s allies have welcomed this election and expressed hope that a new chapter could be opened with regard to Iran.

In an interview with the BBC, Jack Straw, the former British Foreign Secretary and one of the individuals having negotiated with Iran, has talked about the personality of Iran’s new president, stating, “One of the reasons behind my respect for Dr. Rohani was that I considered him a person who is really proud of his country and one who defends his beliefs … I personally think that he was a very respectable official. He always knew what to say and had complete knowledge of the issues.”

While creating joy and hope for a clear future and a bright horizon for the people of Iran, the slogan of “wisdom and moderation” has disappointed and alienated the war-mongers and occupiers. In his interview, the Israeli Prime Minister, who feels that his dreams are gone with the wind, attempted to convince the American people that they should not be deceived by this election; for Dr. Rohani is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Zionist regime is used to dividing the world into wolves and sheep. Since 60 years ago, all the countries of the region have been considered as sheep and it has bitten them with its teeth whenever it has had the desire to do so. Millions of Palestinians are still displaced and the Palestinian youth and women and even children are victims of Israel’s barbarism. Netanyahu is angry because the president-elect considers the occupation of the Palestinian territories illegitimate and the Palestinians as people who have rights.

Israel is furious because the government of moderation can, through wisdom and negotiation in the international and regional scene, reduce the misunderstandings and suspicion with regard to Iran and attract trust and cooperation. Israel, which is the only country in the region which holds a secret nuclear arsenal and is not committed to any of the international conventions in this regard, is upset because Iran pursues a peaceful nuclear program and is committed to the NPT. Israel is angry because the oppressive sanctions have not been able to paralyze the people of Iran and it knows that with the success of the government of moderation the sanctions would be reduced and Iran would achieve its rightful rights through interaction with the world. Israel is angry because Iran and Shiism would no longer be considered as two very big threats for the region, but rather as elements of stability, security, dialogue, cooperation, and compromise. Israel is angry because the billions of dollars that have been spent for Iranophobia have been wasted under the shadow of this election and now the world has woken up from the drunkenness of this deceit and the call for justice and wisdom has been heard from Iran. Dr. Rohani is neither a wolf nor a sheep; he rather intends to transform wolf-sheep relations in the world into humanitarian relations. Iran does not intend to invade any country, but it defends its territory against any aggression with all its heart. The government of moderation will expand the circle of friendships in the region and the world and reduce the number of enemies and establish just relations based on trust and cooperation. With the success of the government of moderation, the unjust image of Iran as an element of insecurity and instability will gradually be eliminated from the global scene and Iran will be known as a stable and safe country in a region which is filled with war, radicalism, and chaos. In that case, everyone would admit that, without the help of Iran’s stabilizing and securing role, the world would not be able to create peace and friendship in the region. In the approach of the government of moderation, independence and security will be created in the shadow of constructive interaction with the world. In this constructive interaction, Iran’s national interests and security is the main objective and negotiation and competition along with prudence and continuous pursuance of programs and creation of mutual trust are the tools necessary for this policy. The diplomacy of the government of moderation is to pursue the interests of the country with honor; with convincing language, modest behavior, and wise discretion. Now with the appearance of the government of wisdom and moderation, Israel can no longer introduce Iran as a great threat to the world, so that it can hide behind this tumult and continue its occupation and violation of international laws and continue to trample upon Palestinians’ rights.

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