Iran to sue Russia for not delivering S-300

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Iran to sue Russia for not delivering S-300
ILNA: The Iranian lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi said Sunday that the country would sue Russia for the S- 300 missile deal if Russia fails to deliver the system to Iran "The issue can be sued if Russia does not provide Iran with missile system and in such a case compensation should be paid to Iran," Chief of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission told reporters.
"We hope Russia abide by its commitments," Boroujerdi was quoted by ISNA.
Russia has scrapped plans to deliver S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran as they fall under the U.N. sanctions, Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov said Wednesday.
Iran inked a deal with Russia to purchase the S-300 weaponry systems in 2007, however Russia delayed the missiles’ delivery. 

President arrives in Abadan to inaugurate development projects

– President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in this southern city Monday morning to inaugurate some development projects.
The projects are to be inaugurated on the occasion of the anniversary of breaking the siege of Abadan by the Iraqi forces in September 1981 during the eight-year imposed war of Iraq against Iran (1980-1988).
The Iraqis kept up a siege for several months, but never succeeded in capturing Abadan. Much of the city, including the oil refinery, was badly damaged or destroyed by the shellings and bombings of the Iraqi troops.
President Ahamdinejad is to inaugurate a water pump station and a water treatment plant in Abadan, which would provide fresh water for the local residents who have always been suffering from lack of clean and fresh water in the province.
The Alghadir water pump station would provide fresh water for 21 provincial cities and 1,200 villages after becoming operational.
It was made by a 13 billion dollar-budget and is one of the major national development projects in terms of scale as it would cover an area of more than 670 km.

Perpetrators involved in Iran recent bombing killed: Commander 

-Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) of Ground Forces Mohammad Khakpour said perpetrators behind recent terrorist attack in north western Iran were killed by the Guard forces. 

"IRGC ground forces killed key elements of Mahabad city terrorist attack in a successful operation," Mohammad Khakpour said.

He referred to the operatives’ efforts to leave Iran and said, "upon the arrival of terrorists at the location of a meeting with other counter-revolutionaries in a border area, the siege and confrontation operation was put in motion and key elements of the attack were killed on Saturday during a special operation."

He also added the terrorist attack was plotted by Zionist regime intelligence service (Mossad), the US and some agents of Baath party in Iraq.

Khakpour then reaffirmed that, "enemies should know that they can never disturb Iranian nation’s will for defending Islamic nation through terrorist attacks."

The explosion came on Wednesday during a military parade in Mahabad (West Azerbaijan province), killing 12 people and wounding 81 others.

Reports say the casualties were mostly women and children.

The bombing took place in the first day of Iran’s Holy Defense Week in which Iran marks 8-year war launched by Iraq in 1980.

Govt. resorts to every means not to implement law: lawmaker

TABNAK- The administration’s request to withdraw the Fifth Development Plan was a “flawed” measure. TEHRAN, Sept. 26, 2010 -- Senior principlist lawmaker Mohammad-Reza Bahonar says the administration “resorts to every available means” to evade implementation of laws it does not like The veteran MP made the remarks at a meeting of the Islamic Society of Engineers late on Saturday.
The changes made by the special Majlis committee to the Fifth Development Plan (2010-2015) were actually intended to realize the goals of the subsidy reform plan, Article 44 of the Constitution, and reformation of the consumption patterns, Mehrnews quoted Bahonar as saying.
He said the administration’s request to withdraw the plan was a “flawed” measure. The administration later retracted the bid to withdraw the plan. MP Ahmad Tavakoli, who was present in the meeting, also said the plan which had been originally drawn up by the government lacked coherence and was not “legally defensible”.
Tavakoli made the remarks in response to the government’s announcement that the plan has lost its coherence through these changes and it cannot be implemented. The five-year plan is part of the Outlook Plan (2005-2025) which has been drawn up for the long-term sustainable growth.

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