Iran censures frequent U.S. sanction on Intelligence Ministry

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Iran censures frequent U.S. sanction on Intelligence Ministry

Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said the U.S. recent move against the Ministry of Intelligence coupled with its earlier unjustified sanctions on the ministry will not be able to stop the authorities from providing security for the Iranian people.

The U.S. administration created the scenario, not the Albanian government, according to the spokesman, as evidenced by Washington's prompt action to repeat sanctions based on unsubstantiated accusations against the Ministry of Intelligence and its immediate support for Albania's baseless accusations against Iran.

He emphasized that Tirana is the victim of the pre-planned plot Washington had engineered against Tehran.

The U.S. has for years forced the Albanian government to host a designated terrorist cult, called MEK/MKO, and provided it with unremitting support. It also trained the group in the area of cyberspace.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman added such a criminal organization is still one of the U.S. tools for carrying out terrorist actions, mounting cyberattacks, and waging psychological warfare against the Iranian nation and government. The spokesperson said that there

is clear evidence of systematic backing for terrorists to carry out attacks against the Iranian nation and government in Albania and that the U.S. supports the organization that has the blood of over 17,000 Iranian officials and citizens on its hands.

In accordance with international law, the Islamic Republic will exert all its resources to uphold national rights and protect its territory from nefarious schemes, Kanaani remarked.

Source: Tehran Times

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