Raisi calls for measures to halt new wave of Covid-19

29 October 2021 | 08:52 Code : 2007801 From the Other Media Latest Headlines General category
Raisi calls for measures to halt new wave of Covid-19

Officials are warning about possible emergence of a sixth wave of the Coronavirus.

"We must take the necessary measures and preparations to prevent” the reemergence of problems “in the face of the fifth wave of the corona," President Raisi remarked.

Speaking at a meeting of the National Task Force for Combating Corona, Raisi appreciated the efforts of all those who are involved in the fight against the pandemic and stated that in controlling the virus public awareness is highly important.

The president added: "All those who have the platforms to elaborate on the issues, especially radio and television, should explain the current situation in the country, especially in comparison with other countries, and explain the actions and the quality of dealing with this disease."

"It is also necessary to thoroughly explain to the public the studies conducted on the impact of public vaccination on the health so that those who have refused to be vaccinated for any reason are encouraged to get vaccinated," Raisi pointed out.

"Our concern is to protect people's health, and in this regard, the guidelines and recommendations of experts will be the basis for action," he said of the injection of the third dose of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Source: Tehran Times