Vienna talks positive, says Vaezi

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Vienna talks positive, says Vaezi

Vaezi said that although the negotiations have some difficulties along the way, "we are witnessing a positive atmosphere in Vienna."

He stated that if the process continues in the same way, the people would see some progress in these negotiations.

"The efforts of the Iranian government and the negotiating team are to shape a dialogue within the framework drawn by the senior officials of the country and the fulfillment of the conditions stated by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution," the chief of staff remarked.

He noted that in this direction, Iran tries to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) by observing all the considerations, laws, and frameworks and achieve the lifting of sanctions.

Vaezi stressed that with the lifting of the oppressive sanctions against Iran, "there will undoubtedly be good days waiting for the country's economy and people's livelihood."

He noted that the government would try to seize every opportunity to accomplish this goal without wasting time.

'Iran welcomes development of relations with neighbors'

Regarding the Iranian foreign minister's regional tour, the chief of staff stated that Iran has always considered the development of relations with its neighbors as a strategic goal and has welcomed dialogue and cooperation with its neighbors, considering the region's shared interests.

"Foreign Minister Zarif's visit to several neighboring countries is a step in the same direction, and considering the areas of cooperation and development of relations, as well as the need for inter-regional talks to meet the challenges of the region, this tour has been done and fortunately has achieved good results," Vaezi remarked.

'Iran has always welcomed dialogue with Saudi Arabia'

"We have always stated in recent years that we are ready to engage with our neighbor Saudi Arabia to avoid tensions, strengthen cooperation and expand the space for dialogue, and we still stand by that position," Vaezi said about the possible Iran-Saudi Arabia dialogue.

The chief of staff stressed that strengthening Iran-Saudi Arabia relations is undoubtedly in the region's interest and can effectively overcome many unnecessary tensions and challenges.

In a statement on April 29, Saeed Khatibzadeh, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that "Iran welcomes the change in Saudi Arabia's tone."

The statement came in response to a recent interview by the Saudi crown prince in which he expressed willingness to mend ties with Iran.

Source: Tehran Times