Rouhani urges restoring security, peace in Iraq

07 March 2021 | 13:02 Code : 2000655 From the Other Media General category
Rouhani urges restoring security, peace in Iraq

In a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Rouhani added that Iran opposes any foreign interference in the internal affairs of Iraq and considers it to the detriment of this country and the region, IRNA reported.

Boosting economic relations along with political ties is of prime importance, and speeding up the issuance of business visas for businessmen and private investment companies can help further expand bilateral relations, he underlined.

The US has always played a destructive role in the region, said the president, adding that accelerating the implementation of the Iraqi parliament's resolution on the withdrawal of American troops from the state can help bring peace and stability to the country and the region.

The Iraqi prime minister, for his turn, praised Iran’s help to restore security and stability to Iraq and termed the US sanctions against Tehran as unlawful and brutal.

Kadhimi also emphasized on deepening of all-out bilateral relations between the two capitals, launching the Shalamcheh-Basra railway project, and the connection of the railway between the two countries as a significant step in bolstering economic and trade relations between Baghdad and Tehran.

Source: Iran Daily