Syrian Opposition Bound to Accept Iran’s Presence in Geneva-3

15 May 2015 | 14:38 Code : 1947661 From Other Media General category’s interview with Mohammad Irani, Iran’s former ambassador to Jordan and Lebanon
Syrian Opposition Bound to Accept Iran’s Presence in Geneva-3

-Previously, Khaled Khoja, the head of the Syrian opposition’s coalition, had welcomed Iran’s presence in Geneva-3 which contradicts the statement made by the deputy of this coalition who has stressed that the coalition would not participate in this meeting if Iran attends. This shows that there are differences of opinion among this coalition.

-The conditions have changed compared to the past. Considering the advances that the armed opposition and those who are present in this coalition have made during the past two weeks in Idlib and Syria’s southern provinces, they assume that they have the upper hand in Syria, thus, oppose Iran’s presence in Geneva-3.

-The Syrian opposition has this illusion because they have forgotten one basic reality and that is that the developments in Syria are linked with regional developments including the issues of southern Saudi Arabia.

-These are the conditions which have changed the atmosphere of Geneva-3 compared to Geneva-2. It is on this basis that the international parties now insist on the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Geneva-3 because they have reached the understanding that the issues of the region will not be resolved without the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

-The fight against ISIS needs serious and multilateral determination and this problem will not be resolved unless the Islamic Republic of Iran participates in this fight as one of the most influential players of the region. This is the reality which the western countries have now come to realize.

-Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran is present in all political issues of the region and if Geneva-3 is viewed from this angle, then, it would be understood that this conference will not only be related to Syria.

-Despite the oral invitation of the UN Secretary General from Iran to participate in this conference, the coalition of the Syrian opposition did not agree with the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the opposition and pressures exerted by certain countries of the region.

-As expected, Geneva-2 did not achieve any tangible results because it did not include all influential issues in the Syrian crisis.

-Due to the numerous problems which exist on the ground and in Syria’s political scene, I do not predict a clear horizon for the success of Geneva-3.

-And if we add the possible non-participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has a determinative role in different political issues of the region, in Geneva-3, the success of this conference will be reduced.

-If the western and Arab countries decide that in order to reach a solution to end the crisis in Syria all influential players in this crisis must participate in this conference, the Syrian opposition which is always under the influence of these countries will have to participate in this conference.

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