One Step Closer To an Agreement

06 March 2015 | 15:20 Code : 1944996 From Other Media General category’s interview with Ali Khorram, an expert on international affairs
One Step Closer To an Agreement

-The reduction of the US’ demands could bring Iran and the P5+1 one step closer to reaching a final agreement.

-Limiting the nuclear programs of countries such as Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, etc. to prove the peacefulness of their activities lasted for 15 to 20 years. There is no precedence of other countries passing this process in a ten-year period.

-Therefore it seems that, with their new positions, the US officials are attempting to show that they intend to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran, hence, this opportunity must be appreciated.

-The US’ top priority right now is to use Iran’s help to implement their new strategy in the world order in order to transfer the Middle East into the East and Far East.

 -Iran and the US are collaborating and cooperating on the ground and in the air in the region for the past six months and with the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. During the last six months, Iran’s jetfighters have been passing through Iranian airspace and entering Iraq’s airspace with the US’ cooperation to target ISIS positions. The same collaboration also exists on the ground.

-This collaboration and cooperation was created after many years due to the revival of the lost trust between the two countries through negotiations and the US has realized that Iran intends to help the peace and stability of the region.

-Meanwhile, the mistakes made by Iran’s enemies, including Israel and Netanyahu, have also led to the reconstruction of this trust. Two years ago, while showing a ridiculous picture in the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu claimed that Iran was moving towards building a nuclear bomb. This was while the head of Mossad has rejected such a claim.

-But Netanyahu insisted on his claims, which means that he is deceiving the world and this is a crime in the international system. That is why no one buys his statements today.

-The US Secretary of State mockingly points out that Netanyahu does not know what an agreement is. He also stated that Netanyahu was the person who constantly pressured Bush to attack Iraq to prevent the spread of nuclear and chemical weapons. We saw what happened and his claims about Iran’s activities are similar to those about Iraq; these remarks indicate that Israel has lost its status among the US officials due to the policies pursued by Netanyahu.

-The formation of this rift is one of the biggest achievements of the nuclear negotiations in the new period. We must welcome this rift but not in official positions of course. The best position that Iran could take is silence.

-Creating discord between Iran and the US is the last winning card for Israel to prevent the signing of an agreement between Iran and the P5+1.

-The US will certainly attempt to answer Iran’s demands by lifting or suspending the sanctions. I believe that the suspension of sanctions will meet Iran’s demands because the suspension of sanctions will lead to the collapse of the structure of sanctions and their reconstruction will not be possible.

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