Arabs discontented with Hamas’ victory collaborate with Israel

30 December 2008 | 17:29 Code : 3571 Middle East.
Mohammad Ali Sobhani, Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon and Middle East expert comments on Iranian Diplomacy
Arabs discontented with Hamas’ victory collaborate with Israel
Israel’s air raids on Gaza Strip which have left more than 280 dead sparked off reactions from different countries and groups. Condemning the raids, Iranian officials asked for a quick decision by the responsible international and regional organizations.
Mohammad Ali Sobhani, Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon and Middle East expert comments on Iranian Diplomacy:
Gaza’s situation must be analyzed within a broader framework. After Kadima failed to form the new Israeli cabinet, Israeli officials became trapped in a political turmoil, standing between two equally unpleasant choices: having no cabinet at all or continuing with a lame duck cabinet.
Therefore there is now an intense competition between Israeli parties and best chance of the elections, Kadima, has been accused by Likud and other hard-line Israeli parties of compromise with Palestinians. A result of this struggle is mounting pressures on Palestinians to attract Israeli voters. So it seems that one major cause of Gaza developments is the upcoming election and Israel’s domestic issues. But another reason is Palestine’s presidential election.
The presidential election of Palestinian Authority will be held in January. The current circumstances, the pressure on Palestinians and their resistance has raised Hamas’ chance to win the elections. Western countries and Arab states of the region wouldn’t be happy if Hamas won the presidential elections just like the parliamentary elections. In that case, not only Gaza Strip, but also West Bank would fall under Hamas’ rule and that would create a big challenge for both Israelis and Arabs. The Arab states also feel that they can work easier with Mahmud Abbas. Hence, we are witnessing a sort of cooperation between Israelis and Arab countries of Middle East.
Arabs do not collaborate with Hamas movement at all. They never want the Palestinian democracy to support Hamas which enjoys more credibility and resolution. In general, Arab countries of the region cant’ stand the current atmosphere of elections.
We should consider two other points that fostered Israel’s attacks on Gaza Strip at this specific period. First is the transition phase in the United States and second, the Christmas holidays. Israelis have always used the former to carry out operations which in an ordinary situation, provoke public opinion of the international community and risk high responsibility. On the other hand, Christmas holidays are a good time for Israelis’ measures. During these holidays international organizations make no serious decision, hence the best time to attack Gaza, as it was anticipated. And this shows how horrifyingly criminal the Israeli regime is.

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