Iran’s Ground Force Changes Defense Doctrine

28 April 2015 | 22:22 Code : 1947079 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- Former Iranian defense minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi announced that the country's Ground Force has changed its defense doctrine to find better flexibility for all types of battlefields.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran's Ground Force is ready to stand in all battlefields by changing its defense doctrine," said Vahidi, who is currently the Head of the Strategic Center of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, on Tuesday.

Stressing the deployment of Iran's strategic Navy in the Indian Ocean, East Asia and the Mediterranean Sea and its remarkable achievements, he said, "The Navy was limited to the Persian Gulf region in the past but the Naval forces could act strategically in the international waters after making proper changes."

Vahidi noted that the Air Force and the Defense Ministry's Aerospace Industries Organization have also developed such a capability that they are able to build different fighter jets and other equipment.

Explaining that after Russia's denial to deliver the S-300 missile defense shield to Iran, the Iranian Air Defense experts decided to build the system, he said, "This system enjoys a highly complicated, big and advanced system but the defense industry and Army experts succeeded in building the missile shield as an instance of the high capabilities of Iran's defense sector today."

In relevant remarks in September, Iranian Ground Force Commander Lieutenant General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan stressed that the country had devised a special doctrine to fight the newly-emerged threats in the region, including the danger of terrorist groups.

"Today, the US has changed its strategy and has put proxy wars on its agenda and the PJAK (the Party for Free Life of Kurdistan), the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the al-Nusrah Front are all fighting a proxy war for the US and therefore, a new face of threats has emerged in the region," Pourdastan said in an interview with Iran's state-run TV.

"To fight this new atmosphere, we have defined tactics and doctrines special to us and given the existing capacities and capabilities in the defense industry, we have shortened the distance from idea to production in the field of ground defense," he added.


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