Ron Paul: Iran, Syria Can Take Care of ISIL

17 September 2014 | 18:27 Code : 1938456 Latest Headlines
TEHRAN (FNA)- Former US congressman Ron Paul warned President Obama against the continuation of war on ISIL terrorists, stressing that Iran and Syria can take care of the Takfiri group.

"If ISIL still existed without us being there, maybe Assad and maybe Iran would take care of them," he said in an interview with US News.

Ron Paul is a retired congressman, who sought the GOP (Grand Old Party) presidential nomination in 2008 and 2012 and ran for president as the Libertarian Party’s candidate in 1988.

President Obama has repeatedly announced that his new offensive against ISIL will not include American ground troops as his administration finalized Syria airstrike plans.

On Tuesday, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the United States is at war with ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

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