Tehran’s newspapers on Wednesday 8th of Azar 1391; November 28th, 2012

29 November 2012 | 19:46 Code : 1909715 Tehran’s Daily Newspaper Review
Tehran’s newspapers on Wednesday 8th of Azar 1391; November 28th, 2012


Wednesday, 8th of Azar - November 28th, 2012





-Iran’s upper hand in region and the world

-Brzezinski: Don’t threaten Iran, it is useless

-Protests and street clashes in Spain, Belgium, and Slovenia

-Iran’s ambassador to IAEA: US has taken “Nuclear Free Middle East” Conference hostage

-Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Israel, only obstacle in creating nuclear-free Middle East

-Jumblatt’s 6 point plan to contain tensions in Lebanon

-NATO’s 30 person delegation in Turkey

-Cairo clashes intensify




-Supreme Leader: Situation in the region and the world shows Iran’s upper hand

-Changing equations in Afghanistan

-Foreign Ministry Spokesman: No need to negotiate with US now

-Iran’s parliamentary delegation visits Gaza

-Morsi accepts High Judiciary Council’s proposal

-Lavrov meets with Syria’s opposition

-Livni returns to politics

-Suppression of Bahraini opposition




-Supreme Leader: Islamic Republic is reaching its regional objectives

-Egypt’s Judges Club demands Morsi’s resignation

-Trilateral meeting of Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan Foreign Ministers postponed

-Lebanese newspaper: Positive step in Iran-US nuclear talks

-Parliament Speaker visits Iraq

-Saudi Arabia’s proposal to fight against Hezbollah




-Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Islamic Republic stands beside Palestinians

-Iran’s ambassador to IAEA: US violates NPT regulations

-Syrian jets attack armed groups in Turkey’s border

-Street clashes between Morsi’s followers and opponents in Cairo

-India increases its forces in Chinese border

-UN Human Rights Commission’s concern over Myanmar killings




-21st century, century of Asia’s power revival

-No strategy in the region efficient without Iran’s presence

-Bloody clashes in Damascus’ suburbs

-Iran’s representative to UN emphasizes need for change in UN structure

-Secret nuclear agreements between Iran and West?

-Iran’s ambassador to Beirut: Israel supporters in our missile range

-Tunisian President supports Iran’s nuclear program

-Karzai: US pursues its own interests in Afghanistan

-New US-China dispute

-Morsi’s step-by-step retreat




- Egypt’s President reaches an agreement with opponents

-Bahraini police attack mourning ceremonies

-Yasser Arafat’s body exhumed

-Efforts for coexistence of Islam and democracy in Tunisia

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