Tehran’s newspapers on Tuesday 7th of Azar 1391; November 27th, 2012

28 November 2012 | 11:13 Code : 1909662 Tehran’s Daily Newspaper Review
Tehran’s newspapers on Tuesday 7th of Azar 1391; November 27th, 2012


Tuesday, 7th of Azar - November 27th, 2012





-Israeli Defense Minister forced to resign

-Slogan of Moroccan protesters: No relations with Israel

-Iran, Palestine’s partner in its biggest historical victory

-Condoleezza Rice: Iran, final victor of region’s developments

-Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon: Iran and Hamas relations, strategic

-UAE military aid to Jordan to suppress protesters

-Washington cancels “Nuclear Free Middle East” Conference

-Maleki asks Erdogan not to intervene in Iraq’s affairs




-Iran’s financial and military support of Gaza

-Morsi meets with high-ranking judges

-Mahmood Abbas on his way to UN

-Brahimi’s new plan to solve Syria’s crisis

-Reactions to deployment of Patriot missiles




-Navy’s latest achievements

-Coalition government till the end of Assad’s presidency

-US keep 10,000 forces in Afghanistan for unlimited time

-First victim in protests against Morsi

-Iran, president of Gas OPEC

-Armenia’s Prime Minister calls unilateral sanctions against Iran unacceptable

-Iran’s 500 million dollar loan to Pakistan for peace pipeline

-Jordan’s Prime Minister: Collapse of Syria, catastrophe for the region




-Hamas recognizes its friends and enemies

-NAM and China demand complete chemical disarmament

-New generation of Palestinian resistance

-Muslim Brotherhood leaders arrested in Jordan

-Saudi Court’s silence about King’s health

-Futile assassination attempts in Lebanon

-Al-Qaeda armed forces killed in Damascus




-Morsi withdraws his sensational decree

-US marines train MKO members in Nevada Desert

-Turkey reacts to Iran and Russia’s position regarding Patriot missiles

-Tel Aviv’s claims against Iran after 8-day war

-New claims of IAEA senior negotiator

-Syria, top news again

-Hamas’ conditions for national reconciliation




-Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Iran defends its territorial integrity with all its might

-Iran’s ambassador to IAEA: US violates NPT

-2 killed and hundreds wounded in Egypt’s protests

-Defeat of Spain’s separatists

-Mahmood Abbas in UN

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