The Incalculable Power of Iran

15 January 2012 | 01:00 Code : 1897058 From the Other Media
All you cannot determine through material calculations. Kayhan’s editorial on Wednesday January 11, 2012.
The Incalculable Power of Iran

By: Mohammad Imani


A few days ago, when the Iranian Navy was practicing the closure of the Strait of Hormuz through the last phase of its war game, USA Today wrote: “Iran has been steadily increasing its capability to fight ‘asymmetric warfare’”. One of the characteristics of asymmetric warfare is its unpredictability: as the 33-year experience [of Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution] attests, Iran’s offensive/counter-offensive strategies have become increasingly unpredictable, no longer visible on the Western intelligence services’ radars and defying their calculation, the cornerstone of the 300-year hegemony of the West. Despite possessing an increasingly digitalized, precise apparatus in charge of political and intelligence calculations, the West is facing powerful challenges that are creating quite confusing a situation. The rapid and all-disastrous upheavals in 2011 have reflected the West’s distress and decline in the US’ power.


But why is the stage becoming more and more asymmetric, vague and grueling for the US and the West? How can this mystery be resolved that the apogee of intelligence dominance of the West is concomitant with its achievements at their ebb? From the volcanic eruptions in the “island of stability” ruled by Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi and Husni Mubarak to the wars imposed on the Iranian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Iraqi nations, and from the nuclear challenge with the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Green Sedition --the multi-layered velvet coup which resulted in the massive, popular maneuver of the 9th of Dey, all may raise this question that why Imperialism is playing so naively, knocked out before it even starts a single offensive, in an incident such as Iran downing the ultra-modern RQ170 spy drone.


This very asymmetry which has sapped the morale of the Imperialism front is rooted in the structure of the calculation apparatus of either side. The adverse ploys devised inside the camp of the ‘materialist’ enemy are flawless in terms of calculation. Although the enemy thinks of itself as the active designer, in truth, it is trapped inside a larger invisible framework. The Pentagon, CIA and its collection of sixteen intelligence services, the British Defense Ministry, MI6 and Mossad were seemingly proactive in overthrowing their once poor slave Saddam Hussein –who was supposed to be a buffer against the Iranian Islamic Revolution; but the outcome of their ‘grand’ scheme was nothing but the plunge of the US and Israel into a miserable, volatile situation in 2011. The Disbelievers’ Front utilized all its facilities in the time of conspiracy, unknowing that the Believers’ Front, has yet secret “trump cards”, as the West puts it.


The closest analog to today’s situation would be the saga of the battle of Kheybar in which the Jewish tribes [which had reneged on their pact of alliance with the Muslims of Medina] retreated behind the apparently impenetrable walls of their fortress, but failed to rescue themselves. The Israeli President, Prime Minister, Minister of War, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the directors of intelligence services have altogether confessed that the Middle East revolutions are inspired by the 1979 Iranian Revolution, and a quiescent earthquake for Israel. Even knowing that the Imperialist Front has mobilized all its forces against Iran and the Islamic Awakening Front could not dim the fact that the West is in a miserable situation.

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