UK policies caused students' wrath: Larijani

30 November 2011 | 21:05 Code : 18449 Latest Headlines

IRIB - Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani warned the British government not to try to manipulate the protest gathering of Iranian university students.


Talking in the parliament’s Wednesday morning session, he made the remark in reference to the protest gathering of a group of university students in front of the UK embassy in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon.


He further criticized the hasty act of the United Nations Security Council in condemning the gathering.


Larijani said the act of the university students was inspired by their wrath towards the expansionist policies of the UK government towards Iran during the past decades.


The speaker stressed that after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran which cut the hands of British and US administrations in Iran, the two countries focused on ways to continue their hostile activities against Iran.


He also said the UNSC's hasty action was an attempt to cover up the crimes committed by Washington and London in Iran.


Larijani went on to highlight the fact that Iran’s police took all necessary measures to retain order and peace.


He also posed the question that why the UNSC failed to call for an emergency meeting when the Iranian embassy in London was attacked by anti-revolutionaries in 1980 as a result of which the building was destroyed and a number of people were martyred or injured.


He believed such an attitude was a deceptive approach which would cause international instability.


The Speaker further assessed the hasty act of the US and UK as an opportunistic behavior and stressed that the recent bill ratified by the Iranian Parliament to reduce level of ties with the UK would certainly be implemented.

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