Angry IRI students enter British embassy

29 November 2011 | 21:06 Code : 18383 Latest Headlines

IRIB - A group of Iranian students, indignant by Britain's hostile policies towards the Islamic Republic entered its embassy compound in Tehran Tuesday evening.


The students forced their way through the police forces into the embassy.


The students hurled Molotov Cocktails and stones into the embassy compound in Tehran and broke the building's windows.


Other students removed the British flag and hoisted IRI flag in its place.


The students were chanting slogans including Labbeik Ya Hussein (O, Hussein, we are ready to answer your call for assistance), in reference to the second Shii Imam's call for assistance in Ashura events.


Scores of students were in the embassy compound while many more were gathering in front of the embassy. They were installing flags, designated with 'Ya Hussein' over the walls of the embassy.

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